Are you looking FatCow.com as your hosting provider?

Are you looking FatCow.com as your hosting provider?

Server Location : United States

Why server location?
FatCow.com’s DATA CENTERS located in the United States. FatCow.com servers are high powered, ultra-reliable, expertly handled by engineers and monitoring every time. Sometimes FatCow.com won’t allow to host your website category under the United States cyber legislation. So you should better read the terms and condition before you buy the server.
OR you can simply ask for our LIVE chat assistance anytime. We will tell every possibility about FatCow.com. Normally, if you are planing to buy a server for registered company. No need to read the terms & condition. you can buy the server from FatCow.com.

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Web Hosting with FatCow: What to Expect

FatCow consistently appears among the lists of top ten best webhosting companies throughout the web and are regarded as one of the most popular affordable hosting providers for individuals and small businesses.

They have 2 powerful data centers based in Massachusetts. These data centers house over eight hundred servers.

Here’s what you should expect if you want to host your wordpress site with FatCow.com

  • WP Starter & EssentialTheir WordPress Blog Hosting WP Starter plan starts at $3.75 a month, and the WP Essential plan starts at $6.95 a month.

    The 2 plans include the core hosting plan, a customized control panel, and pre-installed themes and plugins. Additionally, the Essential plan has enhanced speed, security, and support, making it a good option if you are hosting a business blog.

    Otherwise, the Starter plan should provide you with everything you need for a WordPress blog.

  • VPS HostingFatCow VPS Hosting is another choice. They offer three VPS Hosting plans.
    • The Basic plan includes 1 core, 1 GB of RAM, 40 GB of storage, and 1 TB of bandwidth.
    • The Business plan has 2 cores, 4 GB of RAM, 90 GB of storage, and 3 TB of bandwidth.
    • The Optimum plan has 4 cores, 8 GB of ram, 120 GB of storage, and 4 TB of bandwidth.

    These VPS hosting plans range in price from $19.99 a month all the way up to $79.99 a month.

  • Dedicated ServersFatcow also offers a Dedicated Servers plan. There are three options to choose from if you select Dedicated Servers hosting.
    • The Startup plan has 2 cores, 4 GB of RAM, 500 GB of storage, and 5 TB of bandwidth
    • The Professional plan has twice as much of everything.
    • The Enterprise plan has 4 cores, 16 GB of RAM, 1,000 GB of storage, and 15 TB of bandwidth.

    These dedicated server’s packages range from $119.99 a month to $191.99 a month and they provide independent control and dedicated resources.

  • Daily BackupFatCow offers a daily backup service. This is a huge benefit as most budget web hosts don’t do this. You’re rest assured that your information is protected, and the good news is that you’ll get this with FatCow without spending a ton of money on third-party backups.
  • UptimeRecord shows that FatCow has been averaging 99.85% – 99.9% (if not better) in term of uptime constantly for the past few years. With these high uptime levels, you can feel confident that your site visitors will be able to access your site without interruption, thereby keeping your business intact.
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